Red Rose academy is a friendly school full of duelist's. We see our members as family so we respect each other, if you have any question's then ask members of staff.

    RAA Rules 1.0(Editing May Be Occuring


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    RAA Rules 1.0(Editing May Be Occuring

    Post by OutcastGaming on Wed Jun 29, 2016 6:43 pm

    These rules will apply to anyone and everyone.
    1. Everyone MUST be respectful of all staff and members. If there is a problem, contact a staff member immediately.
    2. Spam is not allowed. Any spam being made in posts such as one word replies or useless comments such as "lol" will be removed from the post.
    3. Under no circumstances will the academy allow any necro/gore posting in the forum along with a ban of any pornographic material. This is an academy for duelists, not a place to share stuff like that. Go on skype or other places to do that.
    4. Swearing is allowed but should not be used too excessively as in every other word.
    5. Advertising other websites is not allowed unless approved by a staff member.
    6. You are only allowed 1 account. Creating a second one will get the second accounts banned
    7. Any offenses outside this academy is not our responsibility. If it becomes a problem in the academy grounds, we may take action to solve it though.
    8. Harassment of any kind is NOT allowed or tolerated. This is an academy for everyone to hang and be happy.
    9. Whatever the highest rank online says goes. If anything goes wrong, the highest rank online must report to one or more of the staff for further questioning.(screenshots are helpful)
    10. Hacking or anything of the sort on this forum is punishable by IP ban.
    Order of Punishment:
    Offense 1 - Kick From Chat
    Offense 2 - Chat box ban for 2 hours
    Offense 3 - Forum Ban for 1 Day
    Offense 4 - Forum Ban for 2 Weeks
    Offense 5 - IP Ban
    NOTE: We will have a forum open for unbanning if the staff review and decide to unban you. Majority vote wins.

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