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    Testing Rubric 1.0(Revision May Be Needed)


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    Testing Rubric 1.0(Revision May Be Needed)

    Post by OutcastGaming on Wed Jun 29, 2016 5:26 pm

    Banned Decks: Decks with Alternate win conditions(burn/stall decks), along with OCG cards/decks are not permitted. META MAY NOT BE ALLOWED DEPENDING ON THE TESTER

    Tester Deck:
    Testee Deck:

    Wins: _/15
    1:2 = 5 pts
    2:1 = 10 pts
    2:0 = 15 pts
    No Meta _/5
    Did they use meta(0 if they did)
    Before: _/5
    After: _/5
    Consistency: _/20
    How consistent was the testee's deck?
    Duelist Skill: _/15
    How skilled was the testee during the match?
    Control & Flexability: _/15
    How well did testee control the duel? How well were they able to adapt to situations in the duel?
    Side Deck:
    Did they have one?: _/5
    Did the side deck get used to help them win?: _/5
    Tester's Choice: _/5
    Did the testee deserve the extra points? Why?
    Total: _/95
    You have been admitted into the [__________] Dorm.

    Rebellion Black: Scored 95 Pts
    Rose Red: Scored 85-94 Pts
    Midnight Purple: Scored 65-84 Pts
    Gusto Green: Scored 0-64 Pts

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